I am in a wealth building community. Every month we do a call bringing our 💲 questions and 💲 problems.

This past month the leader of the community did something a bit different. She brought in a psychic. I am very open-minded about things though I would say I am a bit of a doubting Thomas when it comes to most psychics.

The leader opened the floor up to questions.  I decided to ask about my business, in particular, when could I expect a more regular revenue stream.  The psychic said, “Laurie, you love to build. You have been building and building. It is time to execute”.

Damn if the Psychic Wasn’t Right.

The fact was that I had been avoiding a hard truth. The biggest challenge in my business was sales but I had not been owning this. I had legitimate reasons: I was rebuilding the website, creating a digital course, continuing to recruit, taking care of my father-in-law’s estate after his passing…

All true AND all of that could be done and I could be also be promoting my coaching business.  This was where my heart is, for gosh sakes!  I could be doing free webinars, talking to companies that might want a workshop, setting up speaking engagements, learning about paid advertising.

I can’t hide behind my “busy” schedule any longer. Time to stop building and start executing.

What is Your Career Truth?

If you are in a career that you are not enamored with and you have told your BFF, partner or dentist that you really want to find something different, new and exciting. If they remind you that you have said the same thing for the past 3 years but have done nothing about it, then you might be avoiding some hard truths.

Try This:

1.  State Your Career Truth. Like me not having my desired revenue stream, what is happening in your career right now that is not great.

  • Have you been passed over for new roles?
  •  Are you putting up with a toxic environment?
  •  Are you underpaid?
  • Have you reached a point where 80% of what you do is boring and rote?

My current Career Truth is:                                                               .

2.  Own Your Career Truth. The fact is that you and you alone are truly responsible for your current circumstances. We can all find external factors that require our legitimate attention-kids, elder care, personal health issues, burst water pipes (yep-that happened). Until you get past being a victim of your circumstances and instead become the owner of them you will stay stuck. It is time to Own Your Career Truth.

“My current circumstances are because I chose to (or chose not to)                                                                           in order to avoid taking ownership and changing my current Career Truth.

3.  Claim Your Career Future. Complete this sentence: I will stop ________________and start                              in order to create a Career Future that inspires me.

The truth shall set you free!

Come tell me your Career Truth and Claim Your Career Future. Sign up for a Career Strategy Session Today.

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