This week’s blog is short and sweet.

Short because I am simply here to tell you that Wednesday kicks off the 6-week mini-adventure called Rejuvenation: Let’s Get Healthy and I am inviting you to take part.

Sweet, because this is going to be a time to gather with women who, like you (and me!), want to feel healthy and vital and fit. Ain’t that sweet!

We start this Wednesday at Noon CST via Zoom. If you cannot attend, DO NOT FRET, you will receive a recording PLUS you can still interact. We have set up a private FB community where I will jump on live from time to time and others will be posting their successes, surprises, learnings, ideas and struggles.

I called this a mini-adventure for a reason. Though we may struggle at times, feel hopeless or make an unhealthy choices, that is A-Okay.  Adventures are like that.

An adventure means stepping out of your comfort zone by changing up what you normally do.

The path to feeling great is varied and unique to you so this is not a “structured” program. I believe that whatever you chose to do in order to make better choices and feel great needs to be sustainable and work for you.

This can be big adventurous leaps or small mini-adventurous steps.

And the best part in this Rejuvenation Mini-Adventure is that you do not have to go it alone and you will have fun along the way!

Here are more details about how the 6-weeks will be set up and HOW TO REGISTER.



Let’s Go On An Adventure!!