In our most recent meeting of The “IT” Community, a gathering of Women in Information Technology building careers and lives they love (email us at for details), we started our introductions talking about something good that was happening for each of us right now.

One of the women was excited to talk about her new job and how much she loved it.

She had been with the same company for many years, holding many different roles, but this was a role I knew she had been working towards for the two years since she and I had first met.

Then she said, “Actually Laurie, I had not been wanting to transition into this role for two years. It was more like six years”.

Six years!

Having obstacles to our dreams and things taking longer than we would like is a gift though sometimes it does not feel like it.

Pursuing a Career Dream Takes Patience

There are many factors that go into making a career dream happen:

  • Experiencing the initial desire for something new and different
  • Getting necessary training
  • Connecting with people who can advocate on your behalf
  • Continuing to excel in your current role
  • Telling people about your dream – you never know where support will come
  • Changing companies if the path to your career dream requires it
  • Taking on aspects of your career dream in your current role or as a volunteer

And applying patience.

Loving Yourself with Patience

During the journey to your career dream, things can often feel frustrating, hopeless and you doubt that it will ever happen.

This is the time to call on the key ingredient to achieving your career dream:


When I see the word patience, I am reminded of the passage from First Corinthians that was read at my wedding, and most every wedding I attend. You know that one. It starts with Love is Patient. Love is Kind.

Yet, when I hear this, I find myself turning it around for some reason. I find myself saying “Patience is Love. Kindness is Love” To me, there is a power in saying it this way.

As you pursue your dreams in your career and life, patience is the way of loving yourself through it.

6 years can seem like forever when you are working towards achieving your dream career.  I have heard many people say that if they knew what would be required of them and the time it would take to achieve their dreams, they might not have persisted in the pursuit.

Yet, when you can look back and see yourself applying patience as a way of loving yourself during the process, you notice that frustration, hopelessness and self-doubt have very little space to exist.

The journey is worth it because you not only achieved your career dream, you patiently loved yourself through the process.





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