I am going to say something pretty radical here so get ready!

If we had listened to the millennials, we would have been better prepared to navigate through the changes that living through a pandemic has required us to make.

I read a recent article on millennials, based on research commissioned by Jive Communications (now called GoTo and the developers of products like GoToMeeting).  They surveyed 2000 millennials asking them what they look for in the workplace and why they leave their jobs.

Surprise!  Their answer was not because they didn’t want to work or be a productive member of society.

In fact, I propose it is because the millennials have an inner call to work differently.

In the research, it was found that:  

  • The number one reason they leave is that the office culture is not fun and positive.
  • 25% leave because of the lack of flexibility in their schedule.
  • 63% (NOT A TYPO) said that they might not choose a job or (according to another report from Intelligence Group) would bypass a promotion if remote work was not an option.
  • Most say they prefer fast tech and 20% said they would quit if they had to work with slow tech.

Millennials, Pandemic and Their Crystal Ball

I thought to myself that they had to have had some sort of crystal ball or something.

Desiring a fun and positive culture …if you have one you know that you are getting through this time better than if you are in a disconnected culture.

Remote working as a priority benefit…welcome to the new world of work.

Fast tech…OMG! All I would hear (and ignore) from my millennial kids was, “what’s wrong with our WIFI”?  Now that we are all working from home, I am saying the same thing. I require reliable and fast tech like I expect to get water from my tap or electricity to my light switch.

Because of the millennials’ desire for more flexibility and their unwillingness to settle for a less than desirable work culture we are better set up to be connected, productive and happy in our careers and lives during this pandemic.

When you see a millennial feel free to say thank you.



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