I admit it. I think my dreams often, not always, but often, have a message for me. Useful wisdom to help guide me in my life.

I learned a dream analysis technique from Martha Beck during my coach training that I love (If you want me to analyze a dream-sign up through my career strategy session).

Instead of looking at the literal dream we break the dream into parts and consider them as symbols.

The thing about this technique is it requires taking a deep dive into the details of the dream and this takes time.

For some dreams this is necessary.

But other dreams have an almost too obvious message and no deep analysis is needed.

That’s what happened to me recently.

I went to sleep with a problem on my mind.

Tip: a good way to solve a problem is to let your unconscious work on it while you sleep. 

I am currently helping a client locate a software engineer who needs 3-5 years of experience with 2-3 scripting languages (high preference for python), has worked developing software-as-a-service and has some experience with cloud and microservices architecture. (If you happen to fit this bill, or know someone who does, send off a resume to resumes@inspiHERtech.com).

I did not anticipate finding folks with this experience would be as difficult as it has been.

It has kept me up at night- literally.

Then the dream. 

I’m driving down a 4-lane highway. There are stoplights along this highway. Normally things move right along. Now though, I have been at a standstill, for what seems like forever, at this light. Nothing is moving.

Then, out of my right side view mirror, I see a big semi-truck coming along the shoulder of the road. I also see a few cars following behind the truck. As the truck passes it toots its horn at me and the top of the pipe stack on the truck opens and closes as if it’s waving goodbye to me.

I watch the truck go through the light ahead and keep going and knew I was going to follow that truck.

No more waiting around for something to happen.

As I woke up the first thought I had was, “I need to be unconventional in this search.”

Of course, my husband, who I now call the Dream Police, suggested it was illegal to drive on the shoulder. I knew that was not the point. I was not being asked to do something illegal. In fact, I believe your dreams would never suggest you go against your moral compass.

The point was I needed to look at things differently.

Change up how I’m doing things.

Be unconventional in how I go about finding the right person for this role.

Your Dream Career May Come Through Unconventional Means

This dream logic applies quite nicely to a job search or career pivot. It applies to a career relationship that isn’t quite working. A project that isn’t moving at the pace you hoped.

Have you been doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?

What is one thing you can do today that would unconventional?

  • Could you call someone instead of emailing?
  • Could you set up an impromptu meeting with your team to get some fresh ideas?
  • Could you add color to your resume?
  • Could you include a short video clip when you apply for that next job?
  • Could you change up your routine- eat breakfast for dinner or start your day an hour earlier?
  • Let’s make your dreams come true by being a little unconventional.