Ok. I admit it. My husband and I share a guilty pleasure.

We cannot pull ourselves away from watching the show Ridiculousness.

I generally hate seeing people getting hurt, even through their own stupidity, but I love this show.

I love the host – Rob Dyrdek. He comes across as authentic and humble.

I love his co-hosts – Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast.

Steelo is quick, funny and just plain cool.  Chanel’s laugh is infectious, and her off-the-cuff remarks crack me up.

Another cool thing about the show is the eclectic guest list from R &B singer Miguel to Magician debunker Penn Jillette to NASCAR champ Kurt Busch.

Blog InspiHER-ation

Recently, they had on Jack & Jack, pop-rap duo from Nebraska.

As is often the case, I had never heard of the guests but that does not matter. I learned from Jack and Jack.

As entertainers, Jack and Jack talked about how much of a difference the right audience makes in their performance.

They called it the EPP Factor or the Energy Per Person Factor.

What is EPP?

The more energy a person brings to their event the more they felt uplifted. They had more fun. It takes them up a notch or more.

I know you can relate to this idea. 

Have you ever been to a meeting and there is that person who can suck the energy right out of the room like air out of a balloon?

While, in another meeting right down the hall, someone’s energy and enthusiasm about an idea are, like Chanel’s laugh, infectious.

How do you increase your EPP to make sure you are that person that is adding positively to your team’s energy? 

5 Tips to Increase your EPP 

1. Self-Care  Like a broken record I am back at you with the idea that self-care is your Number 1 Career Strategy. When practiced, high levels of self-care will give you the energy you need to crush your next meeting. Good sleep, healthy nourishment, alone time, fun time. A little goes a long way.

2. Connect with the Higher Mission – When you can get clear on your WHY and then connect that to the project you are working on, the meeting you are in or the company you work for your energy naturally increases because what you are doing matters to you.

3. Music  Music gets your cells jumping. Before that big meeting throw on your headphones and crank up a tune. Bonus points if you sing it out loud.

4. Be Moved – Physical movement changes your energy. Before walking into a meeting do a wall sit for 3 minutes or until your legs start to shake a bit. You would be amazed by how this feels.

5. Serve – Before going into any meeting or interaction with someone remind yourself that you have an opportunity to be of service. Look for ways to help others and watch the EPP Factor rise.