No one can argue that the digital age has created many benefits.

As a recruiter, the whole way I connect with people has changed because of technology-from automating emails to LinkedIn connection and social media awareness.

One of my favorite changes that technology has brought about came from A-Star Software. A-Star Software creates online games like Hearts, Euchre, and Spades. These days, on most Sunday evenings, you will find me in my chair by the fire in my comfy clothes playing Spades online with 3 of my besties, in their comfy clothes at their own homes.

That’s living!

Spades and the Blackhawks Sharing Time

Recently I was talking with one of my Spades partners and she mentioned how much she loves our Sunday evenings together and not just because she needs to feed her card-playing addiction.

She says that she loves the fact that while she plays Spades with me, her husband is sitting on the couch next to her watching the Blackhawks.

“We both get to do what we love AND breathe the same air.”

Even with all the fabulousness that tech has brought to our lives, there is nothing like being in the same room with someone breathing the same air.

Career Magic

This is also true when it comes to your career.

Yes, you should be connecting regularly to new folks on LinkedIn.

Yes, sending emails to get answers on something or using Slack to connect with a team member is efficient and valuable.

Yet connecting in person is its own kind of magic.

This is one of the main reasons I volunteer at Hub88 ( and Women Tech Founders ( and the main reason I started my Meetup “Women in Tech Creating Careers + Lives They Love.”

Coronavirus fears aside, there really is nothing that replaces being able to co-create an experience with someone as you breathe the same air.

Try This

Take a look at your calendar and find time to take someone to coffee, come to our meetup in March or attend a Tech event. Check out our upcoming events for ideas.

Connect the old-fashioned, low-tech way. In person!