The holidays can be filled with chaos in many ways.

Projects wrapping up at work.

Plans for projects kicking off in 2020 have begun.

Open positions still needing to be filled which means your team’s time is stretched thin…fingers crossed the powers that be don’t take away the headcount.

Gifts to buy.

Events to attend at work, with kids or at the neighbors.

Holiday Madness Has Begun.

In this busiest of times, we can often disconnect from our center.

I don’t know about you, but when that happens, I have a shorter fuse for things that go off track, I eat more and work out less, I make impulsive decisions just to check something off my list.

This week, schedule some YOU time into your December calendar.

Here are some thoughts about where to find that YOU time that seems so elusive.

  1. Take 10 minutes out of your lunchtime to journal
  2. Work out without your earbuds in-reconnect with your inner silence
  3. What can you delegate?
  4. Who can you hire, just this once, to do that chore?
  5. Be good with Good Enough then put your feet up.
  6. Group your errands and do them in off hours.
  7. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and just be.
  8. Make a list. Feel your productivity expand.
  9. Ask for help. You do not have to do all the driving of your kids to their events. Think Carpool!
  10. Say No. You’re Welcome!

Carve out some YOU time and you will have a better time this holiday season.


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