As we get ready to launch Take Charge, our digital job search readiness program, I realized that one of the things that we do in the program that I believe is unique and magical is that we teach you that the best time to begin negotiating for the best possible offer is BEFORE you’ve even landed that first interview.

Then we show you how to do that.

In a Salary Negotiation Insights Survey conducted by Harris Poll for Glassdoor, it was found that 59% of people accept the first offer and, for women 45-54 years old that number jumps to 77%!



For women, the reasons they accept what is offered without pushing back is often related to things like fear of the offer being rescinded, not wanting to appear greedy or aggressive, underestimating their value in the market and limiting beliefs (negative thoughts you tell yourself over and over) that get in their way of asking for what they really want.

These Are Things We Work Through in Take Charge.

The magic of powerful negotiating starts as soon as you decide it is time to advance your career and start a job search – either by moving up in your current organization or joining a new company altogether.

Since Take Charge is still several weeks away from being available, I thought I would give you thought-provoking exercise to get your juices flowing and start building that powerful negotiating muscle.


Try This

Part of what needs to happen when negotiating is getting very clear on your value.
Take some time this week and complete this quick self-assessment survey.

  1. What skills and abilities are you bringing to the table?
  2. What are your key accomplishments?
  3. Where did you overcome challenges and thrive?
  4. When have you stopped yourself and what do you wish you had done differently?
  5. What are the top things said about you on previous performance evaluations?
  6. What are your gifts?
  7. What makes you special?
  8. What excites you about what you do?
  9. What compliments would your friends and family give you?
  10. What do you love about yourself?

Now reread what you wrote. Allow your responses to become part of you. Really believe the good stuff about you. You have to feel in your core that what you bring to the table has real value. When you believe it, then others will too.


Lizzo, Good as Hell

Lizzo exudes a belief in herself and her value. Do the hair toss and check your nails!