Your company is your people. Build your team for the future with employees who are skilled, committed and excited about your mission and culture. The future looks bright when you’ve got the right team behind you.

What makes a successful tech employee?

Understanding culture is critical.

When people and employers are aligned, high performance teams are made. There’s a shared loyalty, like “we’re all in this together.” A successful employee is more than a list of skills. They become part of your future success.

  • Higher level of commitment
  • Curious to learn new skills
  • Contributes to your company’s vision
  • Becomes a key problem-solver
  • Aligns their values with your values
  • Represents your company as a true ambassador
  • Shares your company story with potential employees

There are many things that make a successful tech employee. This is why InspiHER Tech looks at the bigger picture: your company, its culture and the employee.




Less financial risk

We use contained search – a hybrid of contingency and retained search. You get results with less risk.

Strategic counsel

InspiHER Tech is part of the Laso Company, a 20+ year recruitment firm focused around technology. We provide strategic counsel by looking at the position and how it fits into your culture and vision.

Save time and keep control

A contained search gives you more control over the quantity and quality of prospects we present for your consideration.

Better fit candidates (our stick rate is 95%)

Through an extensive vetting process, we find the best-fit technology candidates. A contained search provides us with the time to fully understand your corporate culture and values along with the specific requirements of a position.

Deeper commitment to your needs

A contained search provides flexibility of a contingency, paying the fee balance only when a position is filled, with the commitment of a retained recruiter.

Prestigious positions

A contained search elevates the candidate’s opinion of your open position, delivering a more enthusiastic, motivated new hire.

Build teams not staff

We build relationships where we commit to helping you build your team for the future, instead of simply “cherry picking” prospects for today’s openings.

Shorter search cycle

A contained search gives InspiHER Tech the information and flexibility we need to find the best candidates for your company in the most efficient way possible.

Solve your hiring challenges.