Empty Nester? Time for a Career Reset?

I remember one typical, same old, same old day walking out of my bedroom and past my kids’ bedrooms when I started to cry.

The energy felt different in our home now that they were making their way in their new careers and lives.

Of course that is what is supposed to happen. As parents we do our best (and make amends when we mess up) to get them ready to be productive adults in society doing work they love, hanging with a good group of friends and perhaps a significant other, loving their life.

Yet, for me that morning, it still felt like a gut punch.

That stage in my life was over. The stage of being the taxi, the school and sports volunteer, the party planner, the clothes and supplies shopper, the shoulder to cry on, the guide. Fun times! (I mean it!)

I had been emotionally preparing myself for this day.

I was already talking with my husband about how we would be spending this extra time on our hands.

I was relishing a lower grocery bill and far less shoes at my back door.

I had been dipping my toe into my own Career Reset. Attracted to the idea of becoming a coach I had gotten certified. Hired coaches to help me better understand the business of coaching, the type of coach I wanted to be. Got help with my website and started blogging.

The progress was slow, which felt ok. I was still recruiting as my primary source of income.

But I was starting to feel bored and de-energized by my recruiting business.

A sure sign that change was afoot.

Are you bored in your empty nest?

Now that the time of empty nesting was upon me, I knew that I did not want to keep doing recruiting with a side hustle of coaching.

I wanted to go for it.

The empty nest was opening up a whole new world for me.

I could fill the nest with something new to nurture and grow … becoming a full-time coach.

What about you?

Are you feeling the pull to change up your career?

Do you want to nurture and grow something in your work?

Are you bored in your empty nest? Career Reset is perfect for you. Reflect, connect and make plans that align with who you are now and how you want to work. Schedule a call.