The One and Only Way to Change Past Career Regrets

I was working with a coaching client and after the third time I heard them say, “If only I had not pursued that major. I wish I would have gone into technology instead.” I knew we had to take a pause.

This is someone who is transitioning into technology and making plans on how to successfully navigate the transition. Bright. Capable. Passionate about tech.

And dwelling in the past.

The One Way To Change Past Career Regrets

I told them what I am telling you:

There is only one way to change your past and let go of regret.

  • You do not have to take a time machine.
  • It does not require some sort of magic elixir.
  • It isn’t about pretending it never happened.

Nope. The only way to change your past and let go of regret …

Change your thoughts.

You can think the thought that you wasted time getting a degree you don’t want to use


You can think the thought that even though you may not understand it yet, what you learned while in this degree is going to benefit you in some way someday.

Which feels better?

Thinking your degree choice was a wrong one or that your decision to leave your company and join that start-up that went belly up was a mistake or not getting that certification 5 years ago just feels bad.

Question of the day:

Why do we spend time thinking thoughts about our circumstances or ourselves that make us feel bad, hopeless or frustrated when we can ONLY ALWAYS FIND A THOUGHT THAT FEELS BETTER?

I am sure there is some psychological or evolutionary reason for this, but we do not have to buy into this age-old brain loop of negative thoughts about something we can easily change if we change how we think about them.

And once we change how we think about them we change how we feel about the circumstance or ourselves.

We ONLY ALWAYS have the option to choose a different thought.

Think a new thought and change your career regrets into career

satisfaction instead!

No more ragrets! Not one letter.

If you are ready to embrace career satisfaction and let go of your imagined career regrets then LET’S TALK!