3 Steps to Having Career Decisions That Flow

You may already know this, but the Chicago river runs in the opposite direction than originally intended.


In the mid-late 1800’s Chicago was starting to become the metropolis it is today.

It was growing.

With more people came more sewage being dumped into the Chicago River and flowing into Lake Michigan. This was bringing lots of different diseases. In a civil engineering feat of epic scale and in order to protect the people of Chicago and save the city, Chicago set about reversing the flow of the river. This reversal, while solving the problem upstream created major problems downstream for other fishing industries and people relying on the river.

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Get Ready for the Spirit-center connection to your career

As I was thinking about how the engineers forced the redirection of the natural flow of the river and the fact that by doing so they created health in one area and disease in another. It came to me that they didn’t actually tend to the underlying cause but simply pacified the symptoms instead.

We live in a culture that admires, validates and encourages using the rational mind to figure everything out.

We have symptoms or problems and we immediately got to the rational brain for the solution.

I posit that we have turned our river of creation in the wrong direction causing new problems and obstacles instead of flow and ease.

We have a problem and process the possible solutions through the rational mind. And that’s it. We believe we have determined the best solution and then we act on it.

Problem-possible solutions from the rational mind-select one-take action

By doing so we are bypassing the wisdom of our bodies and our expanded consciousness.

What if you changed the flow of your river and instead of starting with your rational brain you ended there?

3 steps to having career decisions that flow

Try this:

1. Start by getting still and preparing to receive guidance. It is not necessary, but you could start by asking a question like, “What is my best next step in my career?”

2. Tune into your body. You will begin to feel an expansion. Feelings of excitement, joy or certainty as you receive guidance.

3. Allow your body to be the channel that ‘flows’ an inspiHER’d thought to your brain and then, and only then, take InspiHER’d action.

Problem-get still and receive guidance-feel the confirmation of the best solution in your body-take action on the thoughts your rational mind received not the ones it created.

At first it might be muddy. There may be some thoughts and old beliefs that need to be cleaned up. Just stay in the flow. Go back to Step 1, be still and be guided.

The more you relax into the flow the easier your career, and life, becomes. It can be very rapid or a slow meandering flow. All is perfect. Trust the process.

Change the flow of your river and you will experience your career progression as it should be. Easy not forced. Relaxed. Guided. An unfolding.

Stay InspiHER’d,

3 Steps to Having Career Decisions That Flow

P.S. If you’re feeling guided to work with me then by all means take inspiHER’d action and schedule a call.