How to Get Noticed in Your Career

Can I be frank?

I help a lot of women with their careers and job search. While every person has a unique career journey and their own dreams and desires they would like to fulfill, they also have similar challenges.

One of my most frequent questions I get asked is some form of “How do I get noticed?”

  • You are on a job search and confused by how to get your resume to rise to the top of the sea of resumes being considered for the position for which you are a perfect fit.
  • You want to advance your career but are unclear how to raise the awareness of you while, at the same time, keeping your head down and focused on the work at hand.
  • You are in a career transformation and worried that you are starting from scratch and can’t imagine having the energy to build your new career the way you built your last one.

Here’s why getting noticed is a REALLY big deal for women…

When people are not aware of you and what you do, it’s just about impossible to get referred, get asked to join that next glamour project, to get the interview for the job of your dreams or to build your own business.

Mainly because so few people know enough about you and what you do to determine how to help you!

Not sure if you noticed but there are MANY people out there who have similar skills, education and experiences as you.

In fact, what they can achieve is probably very similar to what you have or will achieve.

Until you know how to be specific about what you do and how you are unique in your career, you will totally blend in with everyone else

Now, you might be thinking…

“But how can I be more specific? I have my past experiences that showcase my skills listed on my resume and on LinkedIn – isn’t that enough?”

Well, yes and no.

Your past successes are part of the picture – but you need to think about how to communicate that information in a way that they comprehend how what you have done is valuable and needed for the problem they are attempting to solve.

You need to get them to pause on your resume or LinkedIn profile and go deeper. And there are ways to make that happen.