I was listening to a recent interview on NPR with Emma Stone. She was talking about getting her big break with the Superbad movie.

She had done countless auditions for movies and TV pilots and not landed a gig.

I can imagine that she had many hopeless thoughts including:

  • I must not be good enough.
  • No one will ever hire me.
  • I should just quit. My hard work is not paying off.
  • This is all so frustrating and disappointing. Why do I bother?

Career Advice from Emma Stone

When you are in the midst of a career transformation, interviews can feel like failed auditions.

Going to networking events can feel like an unproductive waste of time.

You will second guess yourself and think it is time to stop going after your career dream and stick it out in a job/career you hate because … why bother?

I am here to tell you that your efforts do matter.

You are making an impression.

And someday, perhaps in the not too distant future, you will get that call.

Someone will reach out and want to talk with you about a new position they are creating, and they remembered meeting you and think you might be a great fit.

And you will feel like you are walking the red carpet to accept your Oscar.



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