Happy 2024!

2024 feels different to me already. More open. More expansive. And our approach to goal setting needs to match that vibe.

Here is how I do my career goals.

It is simple.

It is refreshing.

It is enlightening.


The key is to start with what worked versus what did not.

Our brains love to serve us up all the things that went haywire.

It is only trying to protect us.


And it wants us to remain where we are. Don’t stir the pot. Tamp down your desire for more in your career.


For this goal setting process we are starting with what went great. What you loved. What was fun. What you learned. Where you improved. What you overcame.


Here is my new method for determining what I want to create for myself in 2024. Thought you might want to try it for yourself.


3 Different New Year’s Career Questions to Ask Yourself


Start with Question 1 and write until you have no more in you. THEN, and only then, move to question 2. Don’t let yourself get drawn to just adding this or that to Question 2 before you are complete with Question 1.

Stick with 1 until you are done. Then 2 until you are done. Then let your creative juices fly for Question 3.

TIP: Don’t look at last year’s goals or your planner. Let your expanded consciousness do this exercise. You’ll be surprised at what you write down!


  1. What worked really well in your career last year?
  2. What didn’t work so well?
  3. What do you want different in your career in 2024 – how do you want tofeel and be different in 2024?


Here’s to 2024 being better than every year before!

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