After the last session of my Career Reset program (next one starts October 17th), I asked the women to fill out a survey and let me know how Career Reset transformed them.

When I received this testimonial, I knew I had to print it off and read it daily as a reminder of the difference this program can make for people who are no longer feeling energized and excited about your 9-5.

Give yourself the gift of looking at your world with new eyes.

I am near the end of my career, and I expected that a reset was not only impossible but unnecessary since my work life is almost over. What could I gain by considering a career change, with a decade to go before I put an umbrella in my drink and answered the porch swing’s call?

The answer is … everything.

Thanks to Laurie’s program, I was able to think more expansively and solve my 9-5 unhappiness. Laurie pried me loose from my own boxed-in thinking when I didn’t even know I was a box. Though I decided to stay with my current company, I look at the work, and myself, with new eyes. I have big (loose!) plans for the future that Laurie’s encouragement brought forward. I can’t wait to see how they unfold.

Bottom line, unless you’re bouncing with delight every morning while looking at your inbox, you should do Laurie’s (Career Reset) program.

Your Career Reset is unique to you. 

It can look like a job change, a role change, a company change, joining a paid board, becoming a writer, a speaker, a consultant, or even an entrepreneur.

A Career Reset means you decide what feels like the next best and right career adventure for you.

Career Reset is NOT a traditional job search prep program though you get practical job search answers if you need them.

Career Reset is about taking a step back and reconnecting with your center.

It is a program that is at the crossroads of your inner wisdom, your outer guidance and your practical common sense.

That is what makes it unique.

Our next Career Reset cohort starts October 17th. If you want to ask me more questions, then let’s hop on a call. Here is a link to schedule.

If you know you are ready for a Career Reset then don’t wait any longer. Just do it!  JOIN HERE.

Added Bonus: Anyone who joins before Oct 12th gets 2 VIP coaching sessions with me for FREE. The perfect pairing with the Career Reset Group Program.

You deserve to solve your 9-5 unhappiness TODAY. No matter if you are at the beginning, middle or end of your career, every day that you feel burnt out and disengaged is a day unnecessarily wasted!

Take it from a previous Career Resetter … unless you’re bouncing with delight every morning while looking at your inbox, you should do Laurie’s Career Reset program.