Change is never easy.

Quitting your secure job to pursue a career you love? 😱 Yikes!

Your brain resists it.

Your body resists it.

It feels unsettling.

It feels scary.

Except you dream of jumping out of bed every day feeling the freedom of being in a job you love.

⌚Time freedom

💲Financial freedom

🙋‍♀️Freedom to choose

Here’s the thing, if you let your fears lead then your dream career will be put on perpetual hold.


You create your Exit Strategy that includes  the 4 simple yet critical things I teach in my group in Career Reset:

  1. Your portable skills – You know more than you think you do, and this know-how will make your next career move your best career move.
  2. Your why – Get clear on your values, your passions, who you want to serve and how. This is the center of all your career decisions.
  3. Ideal Role Description – Map out your career path’s who, what and how.
  4. 3 spirit-centered guidance tools – Empower yourself through thought, energy and intuitive tools. Tools you will come back to again and again as you build the career you love.

Change is always easier when you have a strategy of what to do before you exit your current role.  It is the plan that lets you turn fear into confidence.

And the next thing you know you are waving your resignation letter like it’s your freedom flag.