We are getting ready to do another round of Using Creativity to Solve Your Career Dilemma this Thursday, Sept 7th (Interested? You can still sign up HERE) and I received an email that could not have come at a more opportune time.

A member of both Using Creativity and BYOB: Becoming Your Own Boss (formerly Career Reset) sent me an email with this subject line:

More benefits to not caring about work.

I had no idea what she was talking about until I read further.

FYI: Her subject line was tongue-in-cheek.

👉She cares about work.

👉She cares about her co-workers.

👉She cares about her customers.

👉She cares about her boss and her boss’s success.

👉She cares about doing an exceptional job every day.

👉She just no longer cared about being attached to external approval and timelines and priorities that never seemed to sync with hers.

A Women in Tech Getting Creative to Build the Career She Always Wanted

She brought her career dilemma, “How do I get what I really want at work”, to my Using Creativity course.

She chose her creative expression.

She used her Using Creativity Companion Journal and captured the solutions to her dilemma that her creative intuitive self was offering up.

And she let go of her external attachments. She stopped “caring”. Which:

  • Reduced her stress
  • Made work more fun
  • Changed her approach to her career advancement

And today, in the email, she let me know that she was handed the lead on a project now she is doing work that she had not done in years but always loved and missed! 

By leaning into her creative mind, using her creative expression to loosen up the solutions to her dilemma and allowing the solutions to come to her she is creating with ease the ideal role she really wants!

Now there’s some creative magic for you.

Using Creativity kicks off this Thursday, Sept 7th. Here are the details and the link to register.  


How Using Creativity Helped a Women in Tech to Stop Caring at Work and Get the Career She Really Wanted