Our brain likes to tell us that later is better for all sorts of reasons.

Sometimes for no reason at all.

It just delivers the thought, “Hey <<First Name>>, no need to decide on that now. Later is better.”

But what if that isn’t true?

What if later is not better?

What if right now is the right time to do what you have been dreaming of doing?

You get to decide your career dream.

You get to decide to believe that you can make that dream a reality.

And you get to decide that RIGHT NOW is the exact right time to go after your career dream.  

Once you decide that now is the exact right time to go after your career dream then you get to decide what you are going to believe about your career dream.

  • My career dream is possible.
  • My career dream is going to be simple to achieve.
  • I focus on what is in my control and not on what isn’t.
  • I believe in my dream even when others question it.
  • I have the skills and resources I need right now to go after my career dream.
  • I know what to do and how to do it!
  • I am a fantastic solution-finder.
  • I flex with the new information I learn along the way.
  • I believe in me AND my career dream.

Right now you may be feeling the pull to start taking action on your Career Dream. 

Then your scared brain pipes in and tells you that later is better.

Your brain likes to get logical on you. It wants you to believe that you do not have the time right now or the money right now or have the resources or support right now so later is better. 

What your brain does not know, and what you do know, is that starting now means you will be learning and growing and seeing things about your career dream that you did not know before.

You will know where to find the money.

You will figure out a plan to carve out the time you need.

You will ask people for help and receive all kinds of unexpected support along the way.

That is the way the Universe works.

As soon as you say yes to your career dream the Universe says, “YES! I have been waiting for this moment!”

Decide to say no to Later and Yes to your career dream Now!

No more waiting!

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