I often talk about a career transformation being similar to the transformation a caterpillar has before it becomes a butterfly. It moves through stages. Each stage is essential to it becoming what it is meant to become. I am certain the caterpillar is like, “WTF is happening here”. Yet it does not fight the change.

The caterpillar has no idea it’s becoming a butterfly.

At least I don’t think so. It just begins to transform. Things start to happen.  It starts to eat more. Next, it has the desire to wrap itself in a cocoon.  Then, it melts down and begins to reform.  At some point, it knows to flap its newly formed wings in order to let go of the safety of the cocoon and emerge as its amazing butterfly self.

Hold Your Career Vision Loosely

All this is to say that you don’t need to be super specific about your career vision in order to move your career dreams forward.

You can hold the vision of a new career, that retirement part-time job, passive income franchisee, becoming a consultant, getting on a paid board, speaking or writing that book loosely.

You do not even have to set a specific timeframe if you don’t want to do that right now.

All that is required at this point is that you act on the nudges from your future self regarding what your Career Vision wants you to do next.

Follow The Nudges from Your Future Self

These nudges might be a subtle whisper of an idea you must act on.  Maybe you keep having crazy coincidences you can’t ignore.

A friend has asked you to create a hand-painted flower vase and you had no idea how much you would love doing that … could that be your future Etsy store?

Maybe you are watching a TV show one evening and a character is doing a job you find super interesting. Could that be you?

The reason these things are happening is that your future self is sending you instructions on how to keep moving your loosely held career vision forward.  

You are being shown some small action steps you can take. Paint a vase. Find someone who is already doing that role you find interesting and have a phone call with them.

Even while you are still in that job or working for that boss or figuring out how to grow your current business in a sustainable way.

In Career Reset I call this building your 3 Essentials. Those small steps help you to evaluate, make adjustments and see new possibilities for your loosely held career vision.

You do not have to have a fully flushed-out idea of your career vision in order to begin to build your dream career today. Hold the vision you have right now loosely and follow the nudges toward your career vision sent from your future self. 

By doing this you will learn things, become more confident, feel more clear and be ready to transform and emerge fully formed in your dream career.

Career Reset is the perfect cocoon for incubating a loosely held career vision. The next cohort of Career Reset starts on August 8th. Sign-up ends  August 4th.

If you are interested and want to ask me some questions, then schedule a call with me this week. I have set aside some time slots specifically for those ready to act on the nudges.