I’m reading a book recommended by one of my Career Reset clients called Creative Thinkering.

This book had me at the intro.

The author, Michael Michalko, tells the story of Franz.

Franz had spent years as a manager for a major corporation making good money. He “felt his job becoming more and more meaningless, but he had difficulty imagining how he might earn a living otherwise.”

Franz had read another book by Michael, Thinkertoys, which inspired him to learn as much as he could about creative thinking. This led him to come up with new ways to design furniture.  Furniture design became his passion.

Eventually, Franz quit his meaningless job and opened up a successful furniture design business.

His career has meaning AND he is making a prosperous living.

What if you could use creativity to create a more meaningful career for yourself? A career you felt passionate about and maybe even includes plenty of 💲💲💲 money?

Join Using Creativity to Solve A Career Dilemma: A 24-day Experience starting with a kick-off call on June 29th.

It’s fun!

It’s simple.

It’s only $24

It just might change your career path forever!

The time you spend on your Using Creativity to Solve A Career Dilemma: A 24-day Experience is up to you. 10 minutes or 1 hour or more (because you find it is too fun to limit). 

  • You might post a favorite quote every day for 24 days.
  • You might do a different yoga pose every morning and post the name of the pose or the picture of the pose in the post.
  • You might find a recipe you want to create and post that.

10 minutes and you are done.


  • You might spend an hour every day journaling, painting, cooking that meal, creating a video or writing a limerick.

1 hour later and you are wondering where the time went.

You get to decide.

You simply have to commit to the idea that through this creative 24-day experience you are going to find answers to your career dilemma. You are opening up your creative juices and accessing expanded wisdom for support.

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How to Find the Answer to Your Career Dilemma in 24 Days!