How do you feel about secrets?

If you are a lover of books and movies like I am then you know that part of the story arc is a conflict or some type of tension. This tension keeps us sitting on the edge of our seats and can surprise the heck out of us. Often that tension is in the form of a secret.

  • Anne Hathaway is really a princess in The Princess Diaries
  • Bruce Willis is actually DEAD in The Sixth Sense
  • Darth Vadar is really Luke’s dad in The Empire Strikes Back

We try to keep a surprise party a secret. We might keep the news of an upcoming pregnancy a secret or, as recently happened to my niece, the arrival of her new puppy.

Some secrets can be fun and good entertainment.

But not always.  According to Scientific American, secrecy is associated with lower well-being, worse health, and less satisfying relationships. Research has linked secrecy to increased anxiety, depression, symptoms of poor health, and even the more rapid progression of disease.

Are You Keeping it a Secret that You Want to Quit Your Job 

Just because you admit you don’t love your job and may even complain about your unhappiness to others does not mean that you are telling the full truth about what is going on for you.

Complaining is not the same as sharing a secret about what you really wish your career was like. 

Many of us have a career dream we are keeping secret. We think, “Is this all there is?” hoping against hope that it isn’t. Yet, we don’t voice what we are feeling. Why bother voicing a career dream when we can’t see how it can be accomplished? It becomes your secret career dilemma!

Good news! I have the answer to how to solve this career dilemma.

Not so good news.  I am going to keep it a secret … for 1 more week.

Are you feeling the tension😊?

Next week in my Monday blog I will tell a story about Franz. Franz felt the same way about his career as many of you do about yours.

Franz did something counterintuitive.

I am going to talk about what Franz did and then I am going to reveal my secret.

Hint: My secret will be a summer fun experience that you all are invited to attend! This experience is going to help you feel better about telling the real truth about your career dilemma.

No more secrets!