I was thinking recently that I could have had way more career fun, peace, ease and success (on my terms) if I realized some real career Truths, with a capital T, sooner. The Truths that come from my wiser self. I thought I’d let you in on what my wiser self knows because I have a feeling, she might have advice that works for more women than just me. Here goes:

  1. That I could succeed my way. That what I felt was right for me and the work I was doing would not only be more fun but would also pay me well.
  2. That work does not have to be hard and having fun is not only for after work hours.
  3. That making money can be easy once I let go of my fear and social conditioning.
  4. That, even while working for someone else, I still had agency in my career.
  5. That my instincts that work culture was/is broken was/is spot on!
  6. That there is room for my creativity and voice in every conversation. I have great ideas and solutions!
  7. That I can work less, have more fun and still achieve all the goals set out for me.
  8. That I lack nothing. I am perfectly positioned for my Career Reset even if it does not look like what culture thinks it should.
  9. That my career joy and success are fully in my control and are a matter of the thoughts I choose to believe.  My mindset is my magic wand.
  10. That I have the ability to shepherd my energy to be productive in any situation and to impact and influence the outcomes I desire.
  11. That I have a spiritual board of advisors that is always there supporting me, offering guidance and has all the answers. I have to ask and listen.
  12. Having an outside perspective was key to seeing my unique gifts and strengths and claiming what I wanted to receive from my career.

Does your current career feel the opposite of fun, ease and prosperity?

Do you find yourself saying I am extraordinary, when are they going to notice?

Have you felt the tug for something different, but you are confused about what to do next?

If you are nodding your head right now, then my Wiser Self would love to connect with your Wiser Self in the next cohort of Career Reset.   Here is a link to join oh Wise One. 


12 Truths I Wish I Knew at the Beginning of my Career