This quiz is not brand new. I created this quiz a few years ago because, well I love quizzes but also because I knew that understanding the stages of a Career Change is helpful. Sometimes we choose our career change and other times it is chosen for us.

There are a lot of moving parts to changing jobs, roles or career. It can feel overwhelming.

It is also a huge opportunity to create the career you really want.

I have coached 1000’s of women over my career and I know a few things. So, while this quiz is not new, I decided to give it an update. I added more information on what happens at each stage of a Career Change. This quiz offers a simple and quick way to determine what stage of a Career Change you are in.

Once you have that figured out it gives you some fun and practical ways to approach your change

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“Ever wondered why power just seems to suck? Getting it is so hard and the stuff itself just seems, well, unappealing. Guess what, you’re not alone. Actually, women’s relationship with power is so fraught that we’ve written a whole new book on it!

After exploring women and work, women and leadership, women and confidence for years, power seemed to us the critical missing link. It turns out women don’t really want power, we don’t even define it the same way men do. We don’t want to do the things it takes to get it and we don’t like the way it’s currently wielded by people who have it – mostly men. But it’s not women who need to change. It’s power itself.

After a few years of digging into the data, the research, the science, we’ve come up with The Power Code: More Joy, Less Ego, Maximum Impact (For Women and Everyone)

It’s a whole new take on power. A type of power you may well already have, a type of power that makes lives better and changes the world. A type of power that men secretly want too.

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The Confidence Code