On a recent coaching call my client was concerned about an upcoming hard conversation she had to have. She could already anticipate how the other person was going to react and she knew it was not going to be pretty. She also knew that she could make things easier by being accommodating on some of the issues that needed to be figured out.

She said her stomach felt like a hard knot. She felt anxious. She thought it was because she had to work through the issue at hand with someone who was known to be difficult.

I asked when she had last experienced this knot in her stomach.

That is when she had her a-ha moment. 

She did remember having the knot before. She had been in a job search. She had interviewed for a job that checked all the boxes. Location, money, and work she was very capable of doing well. The company liked her, and they scheduled the next round of interviews.

She had been unable to sleep the night before with that knot in her stomach. She thought she was nervous about the upcoming interview.

Then she realized that, even though logically the job was a perfect fit, she did not want the job. She did not like the industry the company was in. What they did went against her values.

The next morning she got up and told the company she was no longer interested.

Her knot disappeared immediately!

The knot was not there due to nerves. The knot was there because taking that job would have gone against her True Nature. Her authentic self. 

As soon as she realized this, she knew that by accommodating to appease the person she had to have the conversation with she would also be going against her True Nature. Hence, the knot!

That is when she knew that she was not going to accommodate, and the knot disappeared!

When you go against your True Nature, when you are doing work that no longer aligns with who you are today, it feels like you have a constant knot always in your belly. Or a heavy brick on your shoulders. Or a jaw that is clamped shut.

The good news is your Body Genius is giving you signs. It is time to realign your career with your authentic self.

In Career Reset I will teach you how to reset your career path and get you on the way to living your career dream in just 7 weeks!

Whether your Career Reset is a new job, a new company or starting your own business. The outcome is less important than the process you learn that reconnects you and the work you are doing with your True Nature, your authentic self. A process you will lean into again and again

Career Reset is made up of 3 parts: 

The Anchor– We will reflect on and acknowledge your gifts, abilities, skills, values, and passions. You will build your Career Reset on a solid foundation of the unique qualities you offer to the world. The anchor that never lets you stray too far off of your center again.

The Compass -You will learn how to work with, not against your thoughts and your energy. You will reconnect you’re your inner wisdom and invisible support that is always there waiting to orient you. The compass that keeps you pointed to your True North.

The MapHaving built your strong foundation you feel clear. Knowing you have tools that will orient and guide you during your career transformation leaves you feeling confident. From this place, you take inspiHER’d action. You create a tangible vision, a guiding light, and short-term action steps to get moving toward your True Nature Career.

You will feel that nervous knot in your stomach melt away.

The next Career Reset cohort kicks off May 16th, Tuesday at 4:00 pm CT. We meet for 7 weeks in a community of women transforming their careers and lives with you. Interested? Let’s talk. Email me at hello@inspiHERtech.com and I will reach out to schedule a time.