“Quiet quitting” is the phrase of the day. I have seen a few definitions. I am all for the quiet quitting idea of setting better boundaries to create improved work/life harmony.

The definition that gets in my craw is the idea of quietly backing off your workload. Doing only what is required and no more. The bare minimum is the standard.

My stomach clenches when I think about this.

Whenever I know that I’ve worked under my potential, done less than I might have or taken the easy way out I don’t feel good about myself or what I did that day at work.

I don’t believe anyone does.

Instead of directly addressing what is not working in your job or career instead this feels like a form of passive-aggressive behavior.

Tell Me What You Really Mean!

All of us have probably been in a romantic relationship where someone is passive-aggressive.

Your partner is in the other room banging cabinets, stomping around the room, grumbling under their breath, doing the minimum of work around the house, and giving off a vibe you have no interest in being around.

You know they are pissed at you about something, yet they would rather grumble, and stomp than say what is really going on. For whatever reason, they aren’t willing to be direct with their dissatisfaction. You have to become a mind reader and figure out how to fix whatever is bothering them or just leave them be until it blows over knowing full well that the passive-aggressive behavior will return.

It is like they are Quietly Quitting the relationship.

Lose-Lose Situation

When you engage in passive-aggressive behavior, like Quiet Quitting, no one wins.

You are quietly killing your connection to your True Nature. You are ignoring the signs that your True Nature is sending you that you are out of alignment. And what is really going on underneath the passive-aggression will not be denied. It will want relief from the dissatisfaction. That relief may come in the form of poor sleep, feeling anxious, overeating, or snapping at your friends. More often than not it will not feel healthy or fun.

Quietly Quitting, instead of facing your dissatisfaction head-on, is a slow death.

Tell the truth, have you been Quietly Quitting at work, and you know it is in a passive-aggressive manner?

If you answered yes to this, then consider these more direct actions instead:

  • If you hate your job, quit.
  • If you hate your job but can’t quit today, then take action on a job search.
  • If you don’t hate your job but you are unhappy with the current work situation, then set up a meeting with your boss.  Figure out how to reengage with your company and your work in a way that works for everyone.

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Quiet Quitting is Passive-Aggression by a Different Name