True Nature Negotiation Session

Negotiation Coaching to Build Confident Negotiation Skills

True Nature Negotiation reframes negotiation from a place of integrity. This is where you feel whole, complete and true. Negotiate with energy and confidence.

There is nothing that stands between you and what you want. Let us prove it.

Asking for things is not easy. Think promotion, the job of your dreams, more money or more days off. Even asking for a discount on that chipped vase you love might make your heart beat faster.

When it comes to your career, pivotal conversations determine outcomes.

Higher Salary More Perks Promotion New Job Opportunities

Kick doubt and fear to the curb. Instead, work with a certified negotiation coach to craft your negotiation strategy around the #1 most important factor for career success: your True Nature.

True Nature Negotiation is easy and affordable

  • 75-minute phone or video call with certified Negotiation Coach Laurie Swanson
  • Outline your negotiation “wish list”
  • Prioritize your points
  • Craft your negotiation “pitch” based on the value you bring
  • Practice potential conversations and outcomes
  • Outline the negotiation strategy and follow-up email
Total Investment $397

Remove self-limiting doubts and “own” your achievements when negotiating for a raise, promotion, new job offer or career plan.  

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Meet Laurie, Negotiation Coach, Career Sherpa and Champion of Women in Tech

True Nature Negotiation is led by InspiHER Tech founder and CEO Laurie Swanson.  Laurie is an AAUW-trained Negotiation Coach. She will guide you with a 1-on-1 session for a healthy, results-driven negotiation exchange.

Laurie started her career as a coder. As a recruiter, she has successfully placed hundreds, if not thousands, of people in tech jobs. She also publishes a weekly blog exclusively for Women in Tech. Laurie’s true north is to elevate and accelerate the careers of Women in Tech and tech-adjacent jobs so companies #HireMoreWomenInTech. She is a certified coach, workplace inclusion expert and champion of people.

Jane’s Story

Jane was the selected candidate for the Database Manager role. The six-figure offer had been discussed in early conversations when she was first asked about her salary requirements — way before she fully understood the scope of the role. The off-hours support and level of travel led Jane to want to increase her original “ask.” 

Jane also wanted 25 days of paid time off to get close to what she was currently receiving. The only other people in the company with 25 days PTO were in the C-suite. Everyone else started at 15. 

Negotiating a higher salary after a number is offered is tricky. 

In the Build Your “ASK” Muscle Coaching Session, we crafted a conversation she would have with the hiring manager and a post-conversation email. That email proved pivotal as we knew it would be shared with senior leadership and we wanted to make sure nothing got lost in translation. We discussed body language — important in both in-person and virtual conversations. We went back to Jane’s value statement, a strategy discussed in InspiHER Tech’s Take Charge course.

In the end, the company gave her $15,000 more than the original offer and 20 days of paid time off to start PLUS an additional day every year on her anniversary until she reached 25 days. In a later conversation, the hiring manager stated: “I should have asked for that.”

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