This morning as I was doing my walk there was a large group of young children with soccer balls and several coaches gathered on a soccer field getting ready to do soccer drills.

The soccer coach said,  “today we’re going play a game called This or That.”

In the soccer game, the coach asked the kids to either go to the left side of the field or the right side of the field depending on if they chose this or that.

For example, he would say, “Do you like chocolate or vanilla?”  The kids would then run to the right side if they chose chocolate and to the left side if they chose vanilla.

But they also had their soccer balls. The coach asked them if they were going to carry their soccer balls. A loud NO. Were they going to put their soccer balls in their mouths as they ran to the right or left side of the field? Another loud NOOOO and a big giggle.

He asked the kids what they were going to do with their soccer balls then.

“DRIBBLE THEM” was the rowdy and excited response.

Soccer Genius = Career Advice 

What this coach did with these kids is something we can all do in our day-to-day.

  1. Make a deliberate choice
  2. Develop a skill
  3. Have fun!

How can you make a soccer drill out of your work today?

1. Take a look at the first two things on your to do list.  Ask yourself,  “Do I wanna do This or That?”

2. Once you have settled on your version of chocolate or vanilla ask yourself:  What skill am I using while doing this task? What skill am I learning? What skill am I strengthening? Is it leadership? Communication? Coding? Project Management?

3. Make it fun! Turn on the upbeat tunes. Take your laptop outside. Get a friend to join you.

By deliberatly choosing how you are spending your time, you are infusing confidence and intention into your day.

By attaching it to self-improvement you add value to any task.

And by remembering to level up the fun makes everything better.

So, what do you choose? This or That?

If you’re wondering, should I do THIS in my career next or should I do THAT. Wonder no more. Sign up for a Career Strategy Session with me! How fun is that? Sign Me Up!