If I asked you how you would know if you were successful in your career what would you say?

Most people would talk about their title, their salary, the number of people they supervised, and how many awards or degrees they had received.

Things that they worked hard to achieve or that they will achieve in the future.

But what if you were to create a definition of success where you are always successful? 

Where you focus on things that are within your control RIGHT NOW like:

  • Your energy
  • How you communicate
  • How you prepare

Try This:  

Write a definition (or two or three)  of career success that is about how you show up to work every day not what you have achieved or will achieve.


  • I am successful when I bring positive energy to all my interactions.
  • I am successful when I am open to hearing all possible solutions,  even those that are not my own
  • I am successful when I extend a helping hand
  • I am successful when I remember that everyone has stuff and not to judge or make assumptions.
  • I am successful when I prepare for my upcoming meetings the night before.
  • I am successful when I listen more than I talk

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Redefining Your Definition of Career Success