This week I have to write 2 blogs instead of the one I normally write.

As I was walking out the door to do the grocery shopping, I turned to my husband and said, “I am feeling anxious about the blogs.”

And then I asked myself, “Why?”

Why do I start to create feelings of anxiety about what needs to get done?

We all have to-do lists.

And these to-do lists can create this anxiety because we start to focus on the future and what we need to accomplish.

As I drove to the store, I told myself that I was going to do things differently this time.

I was not going to take myself into the future and think about all I have to do.

Instead, I was going to focus on my NEAR NOW. Which is sort of like being in the present moment but with a tad of future added in.

Let’s say you have a big presentation you are preparing for at work, or you have decided that now is the time you are going to start looking for that next great career move, or you might be planning a family vacation.

There are lots of to-do’s with all of that.

You could easily go down the rabbit hole of worry and creating stress.

Interesting Fact: According to Brené Brown in her new book, Atlas of the Heart, we do not FEEL stress. In fact we THINK stress. Let the one sink in. The feelings come after the thoughts. And, great news, we can change our thoughts pretty simply! 

Stop focusing on ALL the things that need to get done in the future, focus on your NEAR NOW instead.

5 Steps to Focusing on your Near Now and Peacefully Building Your Future

Step 1: Don’t ignore the worry thoughts. When we pretend that we don’t have worry it is like giving worry permission to grow at an accelerated pace. We do not want to operate on top of what is part of our reality in the moment. Instead, set a timer and let your mind go crazy…for 5 minutes. Then be done with it.

Step 2:  Create an Empowering Mantra. A mantra is a great way to shift your energy to a belief in yourself that you can achieve what you’re setting out to achieve. Feel free to use one of my favorites, I know what to do and how to do it, or create one of your own.

Make it short and something that makes you feel unstoppable. Write it on a post note and put it where you can see.  Read it every time you feel your stressful thoughts creeping in. Change that thought to one that empowers you.

Step 3: Create a to-do list. Don’t worry. This is not like past to-do lists you may have done. This one is the “ What are the 3 things I want to accomplish today, in my NEAR NOW,  that will leave me feeling fantastic” to-do list.

That’s it. 3 Simple Steps to bring you into your Near Now.

Get ready. The next thing you know you will be scratching your head wondering how your future was created with so little stress.

Focusing on your near now builds your fantastic future without worry and stress.

P.S. I got both blogs done and then…did 1 more and started 2 more. There seems to be something to this staying in the near now that opened me up to getting even more done.

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