I am on a mission to increase every woman’s salary.

As Lily Ledbetter states in the below article “…what you earn determines your retirement.”

Your future social security benefits are based on what you earn.

The decisions you make today impact your future.

Asking for more money is scary 😮. I get it.

So is having to make ends meet every month.

So is taking on lots of debt.

So is thinking you have to work until you keel over.

Women Doing it For Themselves

There are lots of practical reasons to ask for more money. We all know that. It is not that we do not logically get that we should ask for more money. It is that we often feel afraid.

All I am suggesting is to ask even if you are afraid.

Ask because you love to help others. When you ask for more money, a flexible schedule or a piece of the action all women benefit.

Ask because you want to be able to save for your future AND have fun today.

Ask because having more money means better sleep. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Check out this article from The Cut for inspiration from 25 women you know who asked.

Cut and paste one of these quotes to your computer for inspiration…and sign up for a Negotiation Strategy Session. Get your facts in order AND your mindset. I can help.