I was listening to a recent Martha Beck podcast. She told a story she heard from Liz Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love and The Signature of All Things) that sparked something in me.

A man told Liz that he would rather have kids than write a book because a book could never 💖 love you back.

Liz disagreed with him. She said that she was in a deeply loving relationship with writing. She 💖 loved it and it 💖 loved her back.

That got me thinking about your job search. Like writing, job searches can be daunting.

Every day there is something new to be done.

Some days what you have done feels like not much at all.

Other days, nothing seems to go right. No wins.

Self-doubt, anxiety, and guilt seem to expand during a job search.

Given these feelings, it can be very hard to feel, much less show, the 💖 love .

But that might be exactly what you need to do!

Your Job Search Needs Some Love 💖

Liz said that, when she starts a writing project, she tells it she 💖 loves it.

This may seem a bit whack-a-doodle but when your job search is getting you down try sending it some 💖 love. What have you got to lose? Remember:

  • This job search is leading you to new friends.
  • This job search is leading you to more money.
  • This job search is your path to joyful work.

These are some pretty important things your job search is bringing to you.

Given that, it does not seem so crazy to let your job search know that it is appreciated…even 💖 loved.

A little 💖 love goes a long way!

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