Not to beat a dead horse here but, as I’ve mentioned in the past, a job search is largely a numbers game.

This means that you need to set activity goals that you’re working on consistently in order to move your job search forward.

In a recent coaching session, we talked about their job search activity goals and their progress.

We reviewed their activities which included completing the refresh of the resume and their LinkedIn profile, applying to jobs on job boards and then going past the job boards in order to reach into that hidden job market.

I noticed that there was irregularity week to week in their numbers.  Some weeks they were killing it but others…not so much.

What I discovered was that the weeks where less got done were the weeks when other things like work, family, unexpected additions to the to-do list required more of their time.

Yet, I noticed that, even amidst the crazy workload, there were many hours of free time. Some of which could be used for job searching.

So I asked about this.

The response was eye-opening.

“Well, that is “Me” time!” 

The Invisible Work Load

I get it!

When you have a career AND a life there is a lot to balance.

And women carry a heavier amount of household work on top of their career work.

Check out this Gallup Poll from 2018:

As women, we notice things more.

We notice when it’s time to water the plants, change the toilet paper roll, buy more fish food. We are strong at seeing the whole landscape including potential obstacles and then wanting to get in front of them.

This leaves us doing lots of extra mental and physical activity every day.

We are tired!

No surprise that jumping on the computer to apply for jobs and reach out to people in your network are not top of the list.

Redefining “Me” Time

When you’re burning the candle at both ends – driving kids to soccer games, putting dinner on the table, taking care of a sick parent, getting the dog to the vet, scheduling dental appointments and all the while working hours in a job that you’re trying to leave self-care, “Me” time, is essential.

If you know me at all, you know I put self-care and having fun at top of my list of priorities.

Yet, I want to put out the argument that your job search is “Me” time.

I don’t know anyone that loves to do a job search.

They are frustrating, overwhelming, even mysterious.

That’s why you need to reconnect with the WHY behind your job search and use that to turn your job search time into “Me” time.

Reconnect With Your Why

When you get your new job, chances are you may:

  • Be happier because you are doing work you love
  • Make more money and hire someone to do those household chores
  • Have more time to spend with family and friends
  • And…have the relaxed “Me” Time you really crave

These are the reasons WHY you are doing your job search.

These are the reasons WHY you want to spend Saturday afternoons on your computer.

Right now, the best “Me” Time is spent on your job search.  

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