Big Announcement!

I am writing a screenplay.

This is not an overnight decision. I’ve been germinating on my screenplay idea for years. I’ve talked it over and over with my husband and my kids. I’ve been daydreaming about the beginning, middle and end of the story as I walk or hang out in my hammock.

And now I am ready to write.

I recently joined a screenplay writing group to help. I purchased screenwriting software so that I am following industry standards.

I am on my way.

And I am feeling impatient.

Now that I have made the decision, I expected everything to just flow out of me.

I figured since I had done all the ground work all these years that once I decided to put pen to paper that this was going to be the easy part.

SURPRISE!  Not so easy!

That’s when I realized it was time to call on Divine Timing.

Divine Timing and Your Career

I have heard this same sort of scenario from coaching clients over the years.

Is this you?

You finally made the decision to switch jobs. You have been thinking about changing for a while now.

Like me, you have daydreamed about what you would do next, where you would work, the type of industry or company you would work for and even how you would give notice.

You were talking to your friends and family about your dissatisfaction with your current circumstances and your desire to create something new.

They may have encouraged you to make the change and gotten frustrated that you hadn’t done anything yet.

But now you’re ready.

You got your resume done, update your LinkedIn profile and you have started to apply to jobs and …CRICKETS!

Why is this happening?

Doesn’t the Universe know you are ready now? It does!

Haven’t you done all the right steps to move your job search forward? Yes, you have!

The one thing you forgot about is Divine Timing.

There is a plan, a perfect timing, to your career change.

Some good news- as soon as you decide to create a significant change in your career – change jobs, change companies, go back to school etc. doors start to open for you.

But, like a train pulling out of a station, your career change has not reached full momentum yet. It is moving forward but it needs time. Like the train, your career wheels are moving. They are slowly picking up speed.

We just need to allow Divine Timing to take the reins.

How to Work with Divine Timing

So what do we do once we’ve made a decision but before we’re reaping the fruits of our fulfillment of our dreams?

It is a simple 2-step process:

Step 1: Act when it is time to act – do all the activities that you know to do in order to move yourself forward. Keep doing them as long as you feel peaceful in the process. Once it starts to feel frustrating or frantic then it is time to go to Step 2.

Step 2: Rest when it is time to rest – This is where the magic of Divine Timing really gets to take over. In Step 2 you release your grip on what you want to happen and when and allow yourself to rest.

Yep, do nothing. Lay back and put your feet up. Let go of worry and angst and let Divine Timing work it’s magic.

At some point during this rest Divine Timing will nudge you. You will feel the tug to act. You will want to send out another resume or a name will pop into your head and you know you need to call them.

You will be at peace and happily taking action steps…until you no longer feel like taking action.

Then back to Step 2.

When you begin to recognize that you have a job search ally in Divine Timing you will have peace knowing that Divine Timing is moving you forward at exactly the right pace as necessary for you.

Ain’t that Divine?

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