We are currently in a brand update. We are updating out brand colors, redesigning our website and updating our wording to reflect who we are and who we serve.

During this process I was working with a marketing firm and they kept repeating this phrase:

“Laurie, you need to focus on one person, one problem and one solution”.

I guess my “follow the shiny penny ” way of doing things was not working for them. They needed me to narrow my focus and attention. One person, one problem and one solution. I listened.

And it made a huge difference.

The more clear I became on the one person I was best able to help (women in tech-related careers) and how (through coaching, webinars, blogs and events) the more calm I was.

Trying to be all things to all people is exhausting. Plus, it slows things down, gets confusing and I end up feeling like I am on a Sit-and-Spin. Going in circles with no progress.

Added Bonus

This idea of simplifying things down to the minimum has not only helped me in work but now I have been applying this process outside of work and you can too.  Do you have a career problem that seems overwhelming?

Try this:

  1. One person: You
  2. One problem: Write out a list of all your career problems big and small. Now ask yourself, “What sucks the most right now for me in my career?” Circle that one problem.
  3. One Solution– in 2 steps
    1. Step One– Now that you have your one problem, brainstorm all the possible and seemingly improbable ways your suckiest problem could be solved.
    2. Step Two– Next, close your eyes and do some inner work. Imagine yourself no longer having this sucky problem. You have already solved it. Let all those possible solutions float around you then finish this sentence:

“ Wow! Who knew that by simply                      (fill in the blank)               that my sucky problem would be this easy to resolve?

4. Rinse and Repeat.

Are you ready to move past the sucky problems and create a better career solution? If your answer is yes, then sign up for a Career Strategy Session today!

What Career Problem Sucks the Most Right Now?


What Career Problem Sucks the Most Right Now?

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What Career Problem Sucks the Most Right Now?