I am in the process of decluttering.

One of the hardest things, so far, is decluttering my book collection.

I LOVE to read.

I LOVE books.

I LOVE story.

A great story – whether in books, a great TV show, a documentary, a play, a movie or having one told to me – is my addiction.  I gotta have it.

So getting rid of a book is a bit of a thing for me.  Especially when it’s a book that I have enjoyed.

Yet, I knew that I had to rid myself of excess. I could feel a spiritual weight on my shoulders with all the clutter, even if the clutter was a book that had previously brought me pleasure.

And so I began unloading.

It wasn’t easy. Sadness was felt 😥. Withdrawal had occurred.

What if ❓… was often heard in my head. What if I give this book away and then I am asked to do a seminar on just that subject? What if the exact edition of the book I donated is one of only 10 in print and I just donated my retirement fund?  Or…maybe the most crazy… what if my family and I are being held captive in my bedroom and all we have access to for fun are my books?  They would be thanking me every day as I read to them from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! (P.S. I’m not getting rid of any of my Narnia books)!

Yet, as I let go, like all the decluttering experts will tell you (Read my blog on Marie Kondo), I felt lighter and lighter. It was as if a burden I did not even know I was carrying was being lifted.

A New Addiction

As I began to move beyond my books and let go of other things like jewelry, clothes, knick-knacks, memorabilia, games and more, I found I happily had a new addiction.

I was addicted to the feeling of lightness and to having more space – both physically, psychologically, and emotionally way more than holding on to the items.

Declutter Your Career

At this same time I’ve been revamping my business.

Coincidence? I think not.

I know that being a spiritually-centered job search strategist and Career + Life mentor is what I’m called to do.

This Is My New Story

What’s required is the decluttering, letting go, of the old stories no matter how long I’ve had them or the good memories that may be attached.

In order to feel this lightness in my career, space must be created for the new story to be written.

And it’s scary as sh*t!

Recruiting has been my lifeblood for over 20 years. I have loved it. I’m good at it. It’s lucrative.

And it’s run its course.

This story has come to its natural end.

And now I need to stop 🛑 holding on to it.

I MUST create the space and feel the lightness of what’s new even if it’s what’s next is not fully formed yet.

Are You at a Career Crossroads?

I talk to so many people who are at this same crossroads in their careers.

They are done with what they’ve been doing, they know they are being called to do something different yet aren’t exactly sure what or how exactly.

The good news is that you do not need to know what or how.

You just need to be willing to begin to declutter your career and let go of what no longer is working for you.

Try these 5 Steps to Decluttering Your Career:

Look at your career like a bookcase. Grab a sheet of paper and draw 5 columns. Title Column 1 – Career “Book” Titles. Your titles could read: manager, email checker, meeting attendee, creator, project manager, coder, tester, road block remover, report writer, speaker, mentor, leader, taskmaster, analyst, box-checker, director…
Now title Column 2 – Love, Column 3 – Like, Column 4 – Meh and Column 5 – Hate
Look at each Book Title and place an “X” in the column (2-5) that feels most true for you.
As you look at each title check in with your body. How do you feel as you place the “X”? Lighter? Scared? Relieved? Excited?
Spend 10 minutes or so writing down what you learned. Is there a small voice telling you it’s time to let go of some (or all!) of what you’ve been doing in order to create space for that Career + Life you’ve been yearning for?

If the burden of your Career in a starting to feel like an 🐘 elephant you are carrying around then get on the list to be alerted about Career Spark: a 4- week Mini-Adventure. We will email you the details as soon as they are ready. To be put on the list,  email us at:   Hello@InspiHERtech.com with Career Spark in the subject line.

Put down Career burdens and pick up Career lightness!

Decluttering with Laurie!!