On a recent conference call, we were asked to give our best networking tips. There were some great ones: like be an active listener, keeping your network warm, simply saying “Hi, my name is”…..

My fav is one I invented called Networking 3-2-1.  If you know me, you will know that I really enjoy getting to know people. I am not afraid to speak up and would not be considered an introvert.

Yet when I have to go to an event, I often gravitate to people I already know…which, by the way, is not the point of going to a networking event.

Who Else Dreads Networking? 🙌

I get shy. Nervous.

I often find myself wondering how long before I can leave and not be called out.

Because I love games, I knew I had to make a game out of networking for no other reason than I knew gamifying networking would make going to an event more fun.

Live events will be coming back soon, and you need to be ready!

In Networking 3-2-1 you:

1. Set a goal to find 3 people you do not know at the event.

2. You introduce yourself to that person and ask them 2 questions. Some good ones might be “What brings you to this event? Or What do you hope to learn at this conference?

Don’t Forget Tip: Don’t forget that, even though you have set a goal to meet 3 people, you want to be present with the person you are introducing yourself to and make sure you connect with them on an authentic level.

3. The last thing is that, before you move on, you ask for or give 1 referral or recommendation. Depending on the direction of the conversation you will know which to do-ask or give.

2021 is the year to reconnect. To get together and safely breathe the same air again. This is the year when you will  get to meet new people and make new friends. And now you know you can do it as easily as 3-2-1.


Raise your Hands 🙌 If You Dread Networking!


Raise your Hands 🙌 If You Dread Networking!


The Best Question to Ask at A Networking Event


Raise your Hands 🙌 If You Dread Networking!