I am working on with a coaching client at the beginning of her career. She is struggling with creating a career strategy plan. She is unsure what she wants to do next. She knows she has options, but this does not make her feel better. In fact, she is feeling confused and losing confidence.

As we dug deeper, she talked about how she spent most of her life looking outside of herself at what her friends or people in the media were doing and what they liked. She then made her decisions based off of that information.  She didn’t consider how she felt or what she wanted.

She Said What?

“That’s the problem Laurie. I just don’t know. I am not sure what I am passionate about or really want. “

No surprise she is struggling with creating a career plan and doesn’t feel in charge of her life and decisions.

What I have learned is that:

We Know More Than We Think We Know

It is not a bad thing to ask for advice and use Google for gathering data but when we have done all of that it is time to stop looking outward and go inside.

We forget that we have resources of our own we can tap into for answers. We really are the best person to go to when deciding what we want.

The more we turn to ourselves for the answers the more empowered and confident we feel.

3 Ways to Be in Charge of Your Career + Life:

1. Put on Your Clarity Cap – this is kind of like the Harry Potter Sorting Hat.  When you are in a quandary about what to do next write down your choices on individual sheets of paper. Put them all in a cap, ask your question and then pick. Before your mind can engage, what does your gut tell you? That is your answer. Even if it is scary or requires a bit more legwork you have been guided to what it the right next step for you.


Question: Should I ask for a raise?

Choices (written down on paper):

  • No, I will get a raise at your next review
  • Yes, at my next review I will negotiate for more than they offer
  • Yes, after completing InspiHER Tech’s Negotiate Your Ask Session
  • Yes, I will schedule an appointment with my boss ASAP
  • Yes, but not until after the holidays. I will feel less distracted then
  • Yes, but not until after a Covid vaccine like almost every other decision
Clarity Time: 
  1. Put all the choices in a cap.
  2. Ask your questions and pull out an answer.
  3. How does it feel? You may get a “yep, that is what I thought” or you may get a “hell no, I do not want to do that”. If you get a strong yes, then you are done. If you get a strong no, toss that option out.
  4. Otherwise, keep narrowing things down by putting Possibles in one pile and Nopes in another.

Then repeat: Put your Possibles in your cap and go again.  As you pull
an answer it can help to ask yourself “if this went as planned
how would I feel?”  Don’t let fear disguise itself as a no.

Get Support: Once you have your next right move then get the support
you need to move forward. You will notice that the confusion is gone.
Clarity is power.

2. Create Power Statements to use at times of indecision that fill you with strength. In the movie Hustle and Flow, Terrence Howard is being taken off to jail and he tells Taryn Manning that she is in charge. He tells her to say it out loud, “I’m in charge”. Words have power. Your body can feel their power. Find a statement like “I decide” or “I choose” or, one of my favorites “I know what to do and how to do it”.  Remind yourself who is in charge.

3. Take the Passion Test – As a certified Passion Test Coach, I strongly believe that connecting to our passions helps bring clarity and confidence. I have decided to offer The Passion Test for Free on Wednesday, December 16th at 3:30 pm. Tell all your friends. Sign up HERE.

Make 2021 the year YOU are in charge!

The year YOU decide!

The year YOU create the Career + Life you love!


3 Ways To Be In Charge Of Your Career + Life


3 Ways To Be In Charge Of Your Career + Life


“I’m in Charge” Ending from Hustle and Flow


3 Ways To Be In Charge Of Your Career + Life