Last night I woke up at 3:30 am.

That happens.

Sometimes I go right back to sleep.  Sometimes I go to the bathroom and then go right back to sleep.  Sometimes I read for 20 minutes then fall back to sleep.

And sometimes, this time, my mind is racing.  Sleep is not in the cards.

The stressors of work and home catch up and once I disconnect through sleep everything that is bothering me seems to want air time…in the middle of the night.

So, I asked my mind-what’s up?  What do you want to say?

I listened a bit.

Yep. COVID is surging and that’s scary. Yep.  Business is super slow and that is bringing up the money fears.  Yep.  The to-do list is not shrinking, in fact, with holidays and other personal situations, it is expanding. My son’s job search.  My father-in-law’s failing health.  My daughter’s car not starting and she’s away at college.

My Mind on Steroids 

Next, my mind wanted to move on to solutions.

A financial windfall would be nice. Yep. Out of my control. New jobs from my clients to recruit on would be helpful.  Yep. Out of my control. Sell our house, move to a rural location in a tiny house in a different state. Hmmm.  Are you thinking Crazy Town?

I decided it was time that I took back my mind.  I suggested to my mind that we get still.

I breathed in and out. Long, deep breaths.  And as I relaxed a word bubbled up.


As soon as I “heard” it, I knew that it was exactly what I needed right then.

Reassurance that wearing no makeup and my hair in a ponytail in my work video meeting is ok.

Reassurance that PB and J is adequate dinner.

Reassurance that my business won’t collapse when I end work 2 hours early because I got nothing left in the tank.

Reassurance that I am doing a good job in spite of everything.

Rest-assured, the same is true for you and your career.

Try This:

Finish this sentence: I could use some reassurance that/about: ___________________________________________

Then rewrite the sentence in a form of reassurance:  Rest-assured that: ___________________________________________


I could use some reassurance about my job search.
Rest-assured, Laurie, it is OK to do a bit less on your job search this week.

I could use some reassurance that things are going to be OK.
Rest-assured, Laurie, all is well.

Give yourself a reassuring thumbs-up 👍🏼. Close your eyes. Sweet dreams.




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