I have felt doubt.

My career path has taken me into this new coaching business I am building.

On one hand, there are many opportunities for how I can use my skills, abilities and gifts I have gained/developed over the years as a recruiter, entrepreneur, project manager, events planner and spirit-junkie to serve others.

On the other hand, there are SO MANY opportunities. So many choices. And so much doubt and second-guessing.

  • What do I do next?
  • Will this decision I make be the “right” decision?
  • What if what I choose leads me to negative outcomes?
  • Is what I believe I have to offer actually needed in the world?

I stand at the corner of Self-Doubt Boulevard and Staying Stuck Street.

And then I remember that whenever I am at crossroads.  I actually do know what to do.

I turn to Spirit and say, “I forgot for a moment that I am simply the hose through which the water flows, I do not have to have it figured out yet. No need to decide anything right now. I can simply wait, and the answer will come”.

What a relief!

What is Your Career Crossroads?

Maybe you are standing at I Don’t Wanna Avenue and F-this Road.

Or maybe you are at the corner of  Overwhelmed Boulevard and Confusion Lane.

Relax. All this means is that the clear path has not opened up yet. You are not supposed to be deciding right now.

3 Spiritual Steps to Take When at a Crossroads:

  1. Remember the Origin – Remember (or at least consider the possibility) that all next steps move through you. Like a free-flowing river all things move to their destination. The more you remove blockages and toxins (limiting thoughts, work environment, relationships and activities) the sooner your next step will be revealed.
  2. Be Patient – I know. You do not have to tell me how hard it is to have patience when things are unsettled. I am the queen of wanting to find a solution and fix things. Yet, I have learned that one of the strongest spiritual solutions when you have arrived at a career crossroads is patience. When you are not sure what to do next, DO NOTHING! And, if at all possible, relish in the non-action. This is a liminal moment. A moment not to be missed by busily trying to change it.
  3. Ask to Notice – You know when your friend tells you they bought a Kia Soul and you have no idea what that car looks like?  Then, the next thing you know, you begin to see them EVERYWHERE. That is what it means to notice. You are at a career crossroads – unsure if you should look for a new job, ask for that raise, go for that promotion. You have ideas about what you might do but nothing feels settled. This is the perfect time to ask the Origin of all things to send you things to notice that might be helpful in your process. A line jumps out at you as you thumb through a magazine, a song lyric seems to speak more loudly to you, 4 white deer wave their white tails at you like the white flag of surrender when you are on your morning walk (Yep! That happened to me). Noticing may very well bring you the answer you need.

As you practice these steps don’t be surprised when you find yourself walking confidently down Peacefully Undecided Lane.



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