As a recruiter, I have the privilege of helping companies build strong IT teams-ideally teams that are balanced and diverse as we continue to foster inclusive hiring practices. #HireMoreWomenInTech.

I also have had the privilege of working with 1000’s of people over the years as they navigate their job search. I spend time listening to what they have done, what they are looking to do, understanding what they want to keep doing more of and what they want to stop doing in their next role.

But don’t get me wrong, I am very clear that, though I offer a real service that matters, I am also in sales. 

My job is to find companies that are hiring.

This requires lots of phone calls, emails, LinkedIn messages and networking. 

I also need to find people to fill the jobs that my clients have entrusted to me.

This requires lots of phone calls, emails, LinkedIn messaging and networking. 

Get Ready! I’m Going To Say Something Scary.

If you are on a job search, then you are also in sales.

Your job is to find the companies that are looking to hire someone like you.

This requires lots of phone calls, emails, LinkedIn messaging and networking. 

Does the thought that your job search is a sales journey makes you cringe?

Does the idea of selling conjure up a slimy used car salesperson or a solicitor at your front door who just won’t go away?

In sales, we always talk about the numbers. Sales is a numbers game. You don’t get to a YES if you don’t ask, so ask…a lot!

Your job search is a numbers game as well.

  • You need to connect with people.
  • You need to apply for jobs.
  • You need to ask for interviews.
  • You need to take people for coffee.

The more you ask the greater your odds of getting that next interview and, ultimately, that next great role.The problem is that while asking you get a lot of people who say no.

And getting rejected is no fun! It can feel draining pretty fast. Before long, you hear yourself saying, “what’s the point?”.

Why apply to another job that I will never hear back on?

Why send another LinkedIn message that will not be responded to?

Your job search stalls.

But what if you could make one tweak and rejuvenate your experience?

Forget About Getting Yes’s… The No’s Have It!

Forget about getting people to say Yes!

Why get all caught up in trying to get yes’s when you can have way more fun getting no’s.

This takes away the fear of rejection because…well…you want to be rejected!

And when someone says Yes that is the icing on the cake.

Try This

Set a goal to get XX number of No’s this week.

Go out and get them.

That’s it.

I would love to hear about your experience of getting No’s. Post on our Facebook page.