“Sometimes you got to strike ‘ em out without your fastball”. 

While watching a recent Blackhawks game, Pat Foley, Chicago Blackhawks announcer, said this quote which he attributed to Harry Caray, longtime Chicago Cubs announcer.

Pat was suggesting that when things that usually work are not getting the job done you need to change things up to get different results.

Like the Blackhawks, who were coming off a long road trip, maybe:

  • You have been on the road for a long time and you are feeling it
  • You, or someone on your team, is out with an illness or injury and people are weary of the extra load
  • You are behind on the scoreboard i.e. your projects, your emails, your goals and this is frustrating you

You can’t just keep bringing your same stuff even if it’s your best stuff.

Show ‘em your Change-up

I was recently talking to a Business intelligence Analyst about the role I was filling for a client.

I thought he might be a fit.

Per usual, after digging into his background and understanding what he had done and what he wants to do going forward, I asked if he had ever interviewed or applied to my client.

His response surprised the heck out of me.

He said, “Yes, I dropped off my resume at the front desk recently”.

“Wait, you physically dropped off your resume?” I asked


Now, that’s a change-up.

The fastball would be to apply online and just keep applying online.

The change-up is to also hand-deliver the resume with a great cover letter.

They won’t see that that coming.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Are you feeling stuck in your current role at work?
  • Does your job search feel stagnant and routine?
  • Is what you are doing well every day still bringing you the results you are seeking?
  • Are you getting interviews?
  • Are you getting access to cool opportunities?
  • Are you expanding your connections with people of influence?


The Blackhawks, The Cubs & a Career Strategy Tip