I’m reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

In the book, he gives an example of 2 people who are resisting a cigarette. When offered a smoke, one person responds, “No thanks, I am trying to quit”.

The other responds, “No thanks, I don’t smoke”.

Let’s assume they both made a New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking. Both had smoked for 10 years. Both were at the same party standing next to one another when offered a cigarette.

See the difference?

One identifies as someone who is trying to quit and the other identifies as someone who doesn’t smoke.

Your Career Identity Matters

How do you identify yourself?

Are you trying to become a better leader or are you Inspiring those around you to great things?

Do you believe women should be in positions of leadership or are you an active advocate opening doors for women you know?

Are you thinking about asking for a raise or are you a confident negotiator on your own behalf?

It’s time to claim your identity. Post the identity you are claiming to the InspiHER Facebook page (LINK HERE)