I was so excited when I bought myself a pair of workout leggings with flowers on them a few months ago. I have been a basic black person from day one. Just looking at these workout pants made me smile.

Which is good because I have worn them…once!

Why? Because I have been letting my self-care fall down in my priorities. There have been changes at work and I am busy, darn it all! Other things seem more important, but I can tell you, they are not!

I can feel other areas of my life suffering because I have let my self-care take a back seat.

Warning Signs That Your Self-Care is Off Track

Here are some warning signs that your self-care has fallen down in your priority list.:

  • You begin to regular miss your I-Never-Miss exercise class
  • You find your screen time is WAY up
  • You are going to bed later
  • You are sleeping a lot more
  • You not sure how but there seem to be quite a  few Amazon boxes on your porch due to excess shopping
  • You snap at your significant other, kids, colleagues and/or friends
  • You are over-eating, over-drinking, over-thinking…

When something changes in your life often something your routine will be impacted.

Don’t let self-care be that thing.

If you have some changes going on take a look at your self-care. On a scale of 0 being “What? That bottle of wine isn’t self-care?” to 10 being “I put myself first because I love me!”

What can you do to get yourself closer to a 10?

What would being at a 10 look like in your daily routine?

What would being at a 10 feel like?

One great form of self-care is to have a career you love.

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