I believe that we are continuously being offered advice and counsel to assist us in moving more powerfully into that which we are meant to be doing in the world.

The experiences you have, the people you interact with, things that come into your reality are all delivering messages to you.

Some messages are true and some are like fake news. Just noise.

You have to pay attention and use discernment to get to the authentic core message that is being delivered and then act on it.

What Oprah Said

Oprah talks about how she believes that life first speaks to you in a whisper. If you don’t listen then that whisper becomes like a thump on the side of your head asking you to pay attention.

If you still don’t listen, the message will be like a brick that arrives in the form of a problem or crisis. And eventually, if you continue to ignore the message, you have an all-out disaster on your hands.

The Ostrich Syndrome

Do you hear a small voice telling you that it is time to move on from your current company?

Maybe the voice is telling you it is time to advance your career? Take a class? Begin to mentor or lead?

Or maybe there have been grumblings at work about layoffs. Are you ignoring the grumbles because you really don’t feel like working on your resume or going on interviews?

This is what I call the Ostrich Syndrome. You have your head stuck in the sand ignoring the warning signs.

What will it feel like if you get passed up for that promotion and sweet raise because you did not listen to that inner voice telling you to get that certification?

What if your company announces layoffs and now the competition for jobs you are qualified for is that much higher because you saw the writing on the wall but chose to ignore it?

I know you know.

You hear the voice.

What is your career saying to you?



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