2020 is not just a New Year. It’s a NEW DECADE! What better time to change things up.

Grab 10 minutes of quiet and respond to these questions by letting your subconscious take the lead.

Make lists. Free journal. There are no rules.

What do you want to Keep Doing in your work – Maybe you love working directly with the business to gather requirements or maybe you feel most fulfilled when coaching and developing your team?

What do you want to Stop Doing in your work – Heads-down coding got you down? Tired of the daily commute?

What do you want to Create New in your work – It’s time for a new employer, no more waiting! Maybe you see a Scrum Master certification in your future?

Dream about what’s possible if you were to keep doing what you love, stop doing what you don’t and start exploring what the next year or even decade might be like if you were to create something totally new. How good does that feel?

And Then This…

The final step is to take your thoughts and set 2-3 non-negotiable priorities among all your possibilities.

What will you stop doing, start doing and create anew?

What will you do to make sure nothing or no one gets in the way of these 2-3 top desires from happening?

These are the non-negotiable! Other priorities on your list will get paid attention to as well but these 2-3 things are those things that in December 2020 you will look back on with pride.






Crossing the Finish Line

 “I can’t give up. I can’t stop ‘cuz I remember why I started.”
– Los Angeles Marathon Runner