I probably could write a month of blogs from all I learn at the InspiHER Tech Meetups. This Meetup was no different.


When one woman, we will call her Anne, told a story of why she didn’t get a job she interviewed for I knew I had to share.

Anne had prepared.

Her presentation was top-notch.

Anne was confident.

When she left the interview, she knew she nailed it.

And then the news that the job was going to another person arrived and she felt a huge letdown.

Why? Was The Main Question On Her Mind

The good news was Anne was interviewing for a job within her current company, so she had access to the hiring manager.

Her own manager encouraged her to keep asking the hiring manager what it was that made them go with the other candidate until she got an answer that made sense. Not because she felt the other candidate was less qualified but simply for her own benefit.

The manager confirmed what she already thought.

Her presentation was spot-on.

Her previous experience was a logical fit for this next step in her career.

Anne answered their questions clearly and with the right amount of detail.

The problem: Anne didn’t get the job because of who she knew

Anne was a great co-worker. She collaborated well with her current manager. She and her teammates often went to lunch or met after hours for a cocktail. She was a top performer, a rising star.  All great things.

Anne had not made the time to connect to others outside her inner circle and that cost her the job.

The other person had taken the time to reach beyond the people she knew and worked with daily to build her network and “showcase her brand” to others in the organization AHEAD of when she was ready to make the career move.

Take This Connection Challenge: 

There are ways you can meet others within your organization (employee resource groups or volunteering) and there are ways you can connect with others outside your organization (conferences or a job-related course).

This week I challenge you to use LinkedIn and make it a personal goal to connect to three people (JUST THREE) who are in the job you would like to be in 1-3 years from now.

This can be someone in your current company or you can connect to someone in the role at a different organization. Set up a time to talk, take them to coffee. Ask for the benefit of their wisdom. I know you’ll be surprised at what you learn.

Let’s make who we don’t know today be who we know tomorrow. 


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How To Connect On LinkedIn

by Laurie Swanson