I’ve always had a weird resistance come up when someone says, “Mistakes are good. You can learn from them”.

Not that I do not embrace learning. I am an avid reader and Googler. I have a strong curiosity and desire to understand things. I am not afraid of learning. In fact, I carve it.

So why would I feel this clenching in my stomach when I considered learning from my mistakes?  Am I afraid to be wrong? Am I being controlling? Do I have a fear of failing? Am I afraid to look bad to others?

It wasn’t until I read a simple phrase in a book that I fully understood where my weird resistance was coming from.

The Phrase That Pays

The phrase was just two simple words:  Experience Learning

I realized that the reason I never liked the idea that I should be learning from my mistakes was because I somehow felt I was setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy – a bad cycle of having to make continual mistakes in order to learn and grow.

By approaching each day with the feeling that I am experiencing learning means that I can make mistakes as part of the process of growing versus waiting for the mistakes to occur in order to learn and grow from them.

It might seem like a subtle shift but, for me, it has made a ton of difference. The idea that I can live every day from a place that I am experiencing learning feels like freedom.

  • I feel less afraid to take risks because the risk is an opportunity to experience learning.
  • I feel excited about making mistakes because they are part of the process of experiencing learning.
  • There is no guilt and shame in the process of experiencing learning.

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