Have you ever wondered if perhaps you made a BIG career mistake that there is no coming back from?

  • You wonder what might be different if you had finished your degree.
  • Did you stop too soon in your negotiating and now you will forever be playing catchup?
  • A mentor would have made a huge difference in your career trajectory and now it’s too late.
  • You should not have taken that particular job, period.

The doubts, regrets and recriminations swirl in your head like a never-ending drip of the water faucet at night.

Well, I have the solution to this dilemma, an adaptation of a coaching tool I learned from my coach, Martha Beck, and Byron Katie’s The Work.
Try This

1. Write down the thought that is causing you pain
Ex: I should not have taken this job.

2. Write down the opposite of that thought.
Ex: I should have taken this job.

3. Give 3 pieces of proof for your Opposite Thought.

  • I should have taken this job because I met my best friend here.
  • I should have taken this job because I learned SAP and lots of shops have SAP.
  • I should have taken this job because I was unemployed and now I am in a better position to find my next, better position.

Tip: Sometimes coming up with an opposite thought can be tough so I like to use the prompts because, when and if to keep my mind open and the ideas flowing.

4. Read each of your pieces of proof. Feel what happens to your body as you recognize the truth in one or all of the opposite thoughts. Then ask yourself-which of two main thoughts – I should not have taken this job and I should have taken this job-do you choose to believe?

My Recommendation

Stay with the thought that feels better and allow that thought to take you from a Career Mistake to a Career Launchpad. Waste no more time or angst on thoughts that keep you stuck.

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